About Rëdl World Class Kitchens

Rëdl World Class Kitchens has been building high quality kitchens since 1987. For us, the customer always comes first. Always. We listen and then we build exactly what the customer wants. That's why every kitchen is different, why you'll see traditional Rëdl kitchens, modern Rëdl kitchens and Rëdl kitchens that blend elements of both to create something uniquely personal. We've brought together some of our favourite designs in this book. Not only kitchens, but also customized cabinetry for bathrooms and other living areas. We hope this inspires you to believe in your own dream kitchen.


What sold us on Rëdl cabinetry was their knowledgeable staff, broad range of styles and design options, and competitive pricing. A good deal of our business is high-end residential, with a discriminating clientele... Rëdl cabinetry exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend them.

David Clark, B.I.D., R.I.D.
Robert M Ledingham Inc.
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

I've used Rëdl cabinetry for years on both residential and commercial projects. They offer a top quality product, as well as a lot of unique and innovative ideas, so when it came to do my own kitchen, I went to Rëdl. I'm very happy with the result, and very comfortable recommending them to clients.

Marian Hoffos, I.D.C., I.D.A.S.
Holliday-Scott Interiors Design Studio Ltd
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Quality cabinetry is essential in our villa and townhouse developments, and with Rëdl cabinetry, we're assured of quality. Rëdl is also very responsive to our needs. Product shipments are timely and if any problems arise, they're just a phone call away. I look forward to continuing to do business together.

Reynold Dextraze, C.E.T., Purchasing Agent
Ellesmere Britannia Ltd
Grand Cayman, British West Indies


A Rëdl kitchen is an extension of its owner. Highly skilled designers and craftsmen work with each customer to create a personalized design – one that reflects the customer’s tastes while accommodating their needs. Every piece is built to specifications in one millimetre increments, ensuring an exceptional fit and great functionality. If you can imagine it, we can build it.


Quality construction and attention to detail are Rëdl trademarks. Our frameless cabinets are constructed of high density, low emission, moisture resistant fibre board laminated on both sides for lasting durability. Each component is hand-fitted using a tongue & groove design and secured with wood glue and steel assembly screws. The result – lasting durability and looks.